Error Iastoricon.exe

Does your company want to know why the IAStorIcon.exe DOS Authority is hiding and why customers are encountering it? Well, IAStorIcon is a really important process and it is part of what enables them to use the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application. If there is a problem with the car storage device or there is a software exception to this rule, the above error message is displayed.

Do you want to know the cause of the IAStorIcon.exe error and why you are experiencing all this? Well, IAStorIcon is a real course that belongs to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application. If your problem is related to the connected storage device, or if you encounter a software exception, the above error message is displayed.

What Is IAStorIcon.exe?

How do I fix IAStorIcon exe application error?

Solution # 1. Start scanning using thetva system file checker.
Solution # 2: Update the BIOS.
Solution 3. Run a virus scan.
Solution 4. Remove IAStorIcon.exe (optional)

How do I fix IAStorIcon exe application error?

Solution #1 – Run System File Checker
Solution #2: Update the BIOS
Solution #3: Run a virus scan.
Solution #4 – Delete IAStorIcon.exe (Optional)

This is a buggy application that displays a message box warning you about a software exception that has occurred in the application.

According to, this is a legitimate process thanks to Intel Rapid Storage Technology. However, this does not apply in any way to your Windows operating system. A brand new smart way to uninstall it when it gives you trouble.

Bleeping Computer new explains the features of my file. It is supposed to display notifications for incidents related to your built-in storage devices.

What is IAStorIcon exe?

IAStorIcon.exe is a file that may belong to Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) software. It stands foras Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service. Unlike some files required to keep Windows stable, IAStorIcon.exe has a limited valid cause and can usually exit without issue.

It’s usually in the path to the default program “C:\Program Files”, just the fact that sometimes “C:\” is closed by Verisign, mostly it’s overno worries, so there’s nothing to worry about.< /p>

However, you should always remember that some malware likes to impersonate legitimate processes like this, so this is unlikely to be the most serious case in your area.

How To Successfully Fix IAStorIcon.exe Error?

Try exactly the following solutions in chronological order, and move on to the next one if the previous one doesn’t give the desired results:

Decision #1. Run System File Checker

A post in the Microsoft answer section shows that running the System File Checker (SFC) is an important good idea. Essentially, this restores malicious system files (if any).

Please note that if you are using Windows 8 or later, you should first run the DISM tool, detailed here.

Here is a detailed explanation of the System File Checker process.

Another brief overview of your claims. The problem is this:

  1. Open command line
  2. Run the DISM solution (only if you are using Windows 11 or later) and type:
    DISM.exe /Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth
  3. Run a scan by typing:
  4. Then ENTER.Sure media coverage.

Ensure that the browsing process is not interrupted, and then monitor the results in addition to the instructions displayed on the screen.

Solution #2: Update The BIOS

In this tutorial video, the vlogger shows you the best way to update the BIOS on any computer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using XP/Vista/7/9/10, the process is the same. Make sure you can follow the right steps to avoid seizures in the process.

If Fluid #1 doesn’t seem to help, try updating your BIOS. Note that the exact steps needed depend on your computer’s hardware, but overall WikiHow did a pretty good job of conveying this:

For those who don’t feel like reading it all, here’s a special short version:

  1. Click the launch icon.
  2. Enter the following:
  3. Then click the appropriate icon at the top of the screen.
  4. Go to the System Header Model section and find the the name of your system. The purpose of this type is to find repair firmware (more on this in the next step).
  5. Search for the engine of the car of your choice and insert the body model number you found in the previous step plus “driver”. So “driver XYZ”, where xyz is the sort number you found in the last step. You can also try searching for “XYZ bios”.
  6. Download and install the file. If it’s compressed (if you notice the extension .diddly, .rar, .7z or similar), you need to enable it first (google how to do this if you’re not familiar with the procedure). The installation process may include things like placing the firmware on an actual flash drive (see the link above for full instructions).

Solution #3: Run A Deep Virus Scan

Why does IAStorIcon exe crash?

IAStorIcon (.exe) is associated with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRRT). Essentially, IIRT’s motivation is to make your computer run faster. If you receive the IAStorIcon has stopped working error message, it is likely that your computer requires updated performance from a specific IIRT driver.

The process depends on the antivirus software you are using. That being said, you should already be relaxed, because regular Trojan horse scans tend to make your privacy much more secure. For

If for some reason you still don’tIf not, we recommend that you search Google or visit YouTube, where you will find a handy video tutorial that will guide you through all the steps right away. case

If you do not have an antivirus web interface installed on your computer, you should install a patch as soon as possible (there are many good ones, all are free).

Decision #4. Delete The IAStorIcon.exe File (optional)

If all else fails and customers suspect that the file is disrupting their system, prompts the user to do the following.

What is IAStorIcon exe?

IAStorIcon.exe is actually a file owned by Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) computer. This executable is located on the Windows taskbar, next to the timer and other taskbar items. By default, it boots from Windows, so messages appear on computer storage devices connected to the real computer.

This step-by-step solution should really effectively remove the file from your PC.

Internet Comments

  • One person pointed out that this is an .exe file developed by Intel, but has something to do with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.
  • Someone says it’s not malware, but an Intel executable.
  • Another PC user has confirmed that this is an Intel Rapid Storage component.
  • This is an Intel software application that helps recover data if a method fails.
  • In terms of information, getting rid of it won’t hurt anything at the moment, it certainly won’t hurt anything.
  • EdinsBTW Explanation IAStorIcon.exe is the executable file that sounds when Windows starts. This entry is not very important because it should be for the Intel Rapid Storage data file. If you find yourself getting an “IAStorIcon.exe failed” error message, it’s almost certain that the file was not transferred to that hard drive. It promises to backup your valuable files to your hard drive. To turn off the devices, go to the taskbar, select “Settings”, disable the startup feature after restarting the laptop or computer. In particular, this file can also be hidden – then it can automatically turn out to be a virus!
  • Intel single icon report for tedious taskbar disk monitoring. To turn it off, open it from the taskbar, select settings, turn off autostart, and restart your computer.
  • Inter Rapid Storage Technology icon on the system tray.
  • Another op noticed that allowing shutdown when booting via msconfig looks safe.
  • One person said that Dolphin Deals malware doesn’t expose itself with this .exe.
  • After this consumerThe client realized that it works, he had problems with the gameplay. The one who pretends not to know if this is true or not. An error that usually reads: “Windows is closing this game: there is not enough RAM to run it.”
  • A buyer of a new device reports that they removed a new Hewlett Packard laptop from our app because it was showing a black screen. After I got rid of it, the real problem was gone.
  • The technician has reported that a large online user center for the processing device is possible. Infected
  • iastoricon his motherboard also slowed down Internet Explorer.
  • Intel RST service. It is typically used to set up a RAID system. if you need it uses AHCI in its combination.
  • A user noted that this is indeed necessary for those with a RAID set up. It is highly recommended to stick with it as it improves the performance and security of AHCI drives.
  • Conclusion

    IAStorIcon.exe by itself probably cannot represent a malicious plan. If you want To be safe for a while, you can run a scan directly with your dedicated antivirus software.

    Why does IAStorIcon exe crash?

    IAStorIcon(.exe) is associated with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRRT). Basically, IIRT is designed to speed up your PC. If you’re getting the “IAStorIcon has stopped working” error, your computer may need an updated version of a certain IIRT driver.

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