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Most Windows buyers will probably find this rush to be incomprehensible.
Error messages and crashes are the best thing about our own operating system.
problems, and I would be the last one to argue with them. But problems
This plague that our computers have is widespread, simple functions don’t work.
massive data loss in the presence a whole bunch of annoying oddities

You can’t document every failure and error.
A presentation created by Windows and a possible combination of drivers and
Applications, and this stage is no exception. Instead, the subject
This channel uses many of the most common issues to point you in the right direction.
Restore your favorite Windows system by isolating the issue and then using
usually the tools available to find the actual solution.

First of all, when you turn your back on this, remember two more wisdoms.
Head, ask them to do the following:

Of course, a consequence of some of these principles is that
Computers are uselessthey will bring. That’s what cleansing is all about: what are you doing?
Try the remaining 1% while restarting your trusted computer
doesn’t help?

  1. 99% of all computer problems are solved by clicking on your
    Computer restart button.

  2. Insanity can be defined as the repetition of our own actions and
    again, expecting different results. (Or at all, repeating
    the same actions and even knowing again and again that
    You will never get different results.)

How to delete pending Windows files in Windows 10 and 11
A tip when diagnosing Windows Update products is to delete the SoftwareDistribution. You can manually remove the SoftwareDistribution directory, roll back Windows Updates, perhaps use our batch files to automatically remove the contents of the SoftwareDistribution directory.

How to poke someone on Facebook
Do you remember Facebook Poke? Some liked it; some hated it. The popularity of (picky) people aged in 2011, and as a result Facebook kept it hidden from the public. Here is a simple trick you canDon’t use to piss off (piss off) your family friends today.

How to send confidential email in Gmail
Google Gmail offers the option to download a confidential email. The recipient must verify their identity by reading the email and you must also automatically complete it at the time they choose.

How to run Google Chrome without extensions
Google Chrome extensions can still be useful, but they also consume a lot of resources. You can create a full shortcut to launch Google without the Internet Explorer extension, which is handy when you’re working on it, disabling a buggy extension, or want to better manage Chrome.

How to add “Empty Trash” context menu in Windows 11
If you frequently empty the associated trash, it can be handy to have a context menu shortcut on your desktop. Here is the best way to add an empty cart to the context menu. Also, as in the stories at the end of this guide, check out the advanced options.

How to download Wordle and play it for free
Wordle is a popular worda sleepy game that came out of nowhere and became an online dating site so much so that the NY Times bought it for a small additional fee (over $1 million). We hope that in the future the game will remain free and truly be the best app for iOS and therefore Android, but for now the future of Wordle remains uncertain.

How to check the restart time in Windows 10 and 11 using a VBS file
Have you ever wanted to know how long it can take before your computer restarts? This information can teach you how to evaluate your computer when improving startup items.

How it helps to disable Microsoft Firewall Defender in Windows 10 and 11
Microsoft Firewall Defender is an additional top layer of protection built into Windows 10 and 11 designed to protect you from malware, hackers, and a range of other threats. Whether you’re using a hardware firewall (router) or have a third-party firewall installed, we recommend that you leave Microsoft Defender Firewall enabled. However, if you need to disable it temporarily, here’s how to do it.

How to actually enable or disable clipboard history around 11
Windows Windows 11 helps save multiple items to the clipboard. You can check your history at any time by pressing this Windows key + V. You can temporarily turn clipboard history on or off.

How to open network connections in Windows 10 and 11
Network Connections is a useful Control Panel tab that allows you to manage individual network connections, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and virtual machines. How to access network connection settings.

How to cancel a Windows update in Windows 10 and 11
Windows update problems can usually be resolved by rebooting, waiting, or possibly retrying. Rolling back Windows updates can be problematic and requires many steps. Here’s how to easily restore Windows updates.

How to fix thumbnails not showing in Windows and 11 11
File Explorer displays icons for all your videos, pictures, and photos, making it easy to identify what you’re looking for. A common scenario with File Explorer is that images don’t show up .

What does Pusheen P mean?
Another year and so on, there are new slang things you can learn right away and it’s as confusing as it gets – Pusheen P.

How to enable or disable Brave Rewards (BAT) in the Brave browser
Brave a is a web browser based on the Chromium source code that can provide faster and more secure private browsing. Starting today, Brave will be offering BAT or Basic Attention Token as an additional way to support (crypto) tokens and content providers. How to enable or remove BAT.

How to change Windows 10 and 11 clock format to 12 or 24 hour format
The Windows 10 and 11 timer defaults to 12-hour format, but you can change the time to 24-hour format, also known as military time.

How this will remove the shortcut arrow icon in Windows 10 and 11
Each time you release the shortcut, an arrow icon is automatically overlaid on it. Deleting my icon shortcut is like cleaning up the desktop, and it’s easy to do.

How to create a “guest account” for Windows 10 and you 11
If you would like to share yourcomputer with a loved one, without giving him access to real files, you can always create an appropriate “guest account”.