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There are many different ways to combine columns in Google Sheets, and I’m about to show you many different formulas that can be used to combine multiple columns. These two formulas merge columns horizontally, and three of the whole group merge columns vertically. of course

Below, however, are brief instructions for merging columns. Also below are tips, detailed and up toMore ways to merge from columns.

To merge side columns in Google Sheets do the following:

  1. Type =ARRAYFORMULA( to start splitting the formula by concatenation
  2. Enter the addresses of all the first columns you want to merge, eg A1:A.
  3. Enter a single ampersand (&)
  4. Enter the address of the other column you want to merge, such as B1:B.
  5. Press keyboard suggestions. full recipes look like this: =arrayformula(a1:a&b1:b)

(See below for instructions on to strip spaces or special characters between certain columns)

To merge columns in google spreadsheets vertically, do the following:

  1. Type =UNIQUE( to access your formulas/arrays
  2. In the first column, enter each of our addresses that most of you want to match with, for example, A1:A.
  3. Enter a semicolon (;)
  4. Enter the address of the column that most of you would like to merge data with, such as B1:B.
  5. Enter the closing curly brace ( )
  6. Press enter as appropriatekeyboard. Filling in the formula looks like this: =UNIQUE(A1:A;B1:B)

Here Are The Methods That Merge Columns In Google Sheets:

Formulas For Combinations Of Horizontal Columns

  • =FORMULARRAY(A3:A&” “&B3:B)
  • Lewis Vertical Combination LEN(A3:A12;B3:B12))

    Download Formulas

  • =A3:A12;B3:B12
  • =ONE(A3:A12;B3:B12)
  • =FILTER(A3:A12;B3:B12, both cheat sheets are displayed in your column

    This tutorial will teach clients how to merge columns in Google Sheets, but check out this page if you want to learn how to merge columns in Excel.

  • Combine Google Sheets Columns Into (horizontal)

    First I want to show you how to shuffle columns horizontally in Sheets google.

    If buyers have two columns whose contents you want to merge, with the values ​​of each row structure merging horizontally, there are some easy ways to do this:

  • The first method (using the ARRAY FORMULA function with the “&” operator through the ampersand) allows you to do more than just concatenate/ Merge two columns horizontally, but also allows content to be combined with certain individual/display text values ​​and also agrees to merge more than 3 columns if you wish
  • The second way (using the ARRAYFORMULA function with the current function allows concat) is for you to horizontally combine the contents of two or possibly more columns. The CONCATENATE job is almost identical to Concat, and I’ll cover this valuable feature below as well. Two
  • You can use these methods to merge individual cells without using a function array formula.

    Using Arrayformula/for And Columns

    First, I’ll show you the most common and working ways to combine columns horizontally in Google Sheets.

    Using the ARRAY FORMULA function with all “&” operators, you can combine multiple columns in Google Sheets, and you can also specify a string value and/or text for which you want to add a B. Combined lines.

    To combine data from individual cell structures, do the following:

    1. Enter
    2. Like equals, then enter the address, because first you enter the cell you want to merge with, like A3 for example.
    3. Type an ampersand (&)
    4. Enter the address of the cell you want to merge another, for example B3.
    5. Press Enter on your keyboard. The California King formula looks like this: =A3&B3.
    6. Copy the resolution by padding, apply it to the entire line, or use the ARRAY FORMULA function

    Read more about using the ARRAY FORMULA function and copying formulas here.

    In this first example, we have the most recent list of clothing inventory items in one column. and the diameter of the clothes for this item in another column… and we want to connect these columns horizontally so that in each row of clothes are items, and the size is displayed as a text line, not combined into a separate column.

    We will also place a hole to separate the content, which varies in the example. This is done using double quotes with a significant space between them, i.e. (“To”) array formula (see below).

    Combination task:combine horizontally the “Product” column with the “Size” column and adjust the spacing between the content… so that the clothes size and can be displayed in one main column.

    (where the contents of the cells are concatenated by each line into one specific line of text separated by a real space)

    Logic: Merge horizontally inside cells in the range A3:A, with the content of some cells in the range B3:B, and add a space between your current text/content of the merged columns


    Formula: Entering a formula in the blue cell (D3) as an example

    =FORMULARRAY(A3:A&” next “&B3:B)

    (Note: the ARRAY FORMULA function shown is also great for concatenating first and last names!)

    Detailed recipe ingredient distribution diagram illustrating the use of the ARRAY FORMULA function with the "&" operator to combine columns in Google Sheets loading="lazy" size="(max -width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px " src =" breakdown.jpg" srcset=" 1000w, -the-ARRAYFORMULA-function-with-the-operator-in-Google-Sheets-diagram-and-detailed-formula-breakdown-300x64.jpg 300w, 2019/03/Using-the-ARRAYFORMULA-function-with-the-operator-in-google-sheet-and-detailed-breakdown-formula-768x164.jpg 768w, htt ps://www. 750w"></p></p>
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