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7 ways to fix your computer before you call a technician


It’s not uncommon for one to purchase a new laptop or desktop and within six months something goes terribly wrong and need to go to somewhere like Fixit Central . Computer problems can vary from minor glitches such as random pop-ups, freezing and crashing to more major issues such as viruses and malware. Regardless of the severity of your computer problem there are seven ways you can fix your computer yourself without having to spend hundreds at a cubicle based tech support center. Here they are:

1) Download Malwarebytes  for free and scan for any potential threats infecting your system (see attached screenshot). If anything is found remove it immediately after the scan.


How do I find a fix in Fix central?

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2) Try restarting your device in safe mode (press F during boot up if it isn’t an option). If your problem is no longer occurring, uninstall or disable any suspicious software.

3) Perform a search online regarding the error message you’re seeing and see what others have done to fix it. You may also want to try troubleshooting via .

4) Sometimes an easy restart of your device can solve problems such as crashing and laggy behavior due to a large number of running programs at once.

5) Clean out all the dust from your vents to ensure maximum airflow which will prevent overheating during prolonged use. Be sure not to spray any liquids directly onto the device while doing so! Detailed instructions on how to clean out your computer can be found here  (select your device type, operating system and follow the step-by-step instructions).

6) If you have recently experienced a power outage or any issues with your devices outlet, it may be time to replace your power cord. You can learn how to fix this yourself with our guide on replacing the power cord .

7) You can attempt to uninstall suspicious software by going into “Control Panel” then “Uninstall A Program.” Be sure not to delete anything that seems crucial however just in case! To safeguard against deleting important files, create a backup of all items you plan on removing beforehand. Finally, reboot your device and test out the problem. If it is still occurring after testing things out you should contact technical support as they may be able to provide better insight as well as a solution.

In today’s technological age, everyone needs a computer for school or work so it only makes sense that we learn how to fix them when necessary. Hopefully this article helps you fix any computer problems you may have so that you can get back on track without having to spend a lot of money.