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We’ve all been here for a long time: you come across a pen that takes up space for a while and therefore doesn’t Cron Expert I just don’t feel like writing. Writing and scratching, but nothing.

Don’t worry, there are a few simple tricks you can try to get your reusable pen working.


There are only a few ways to use it, and they all work the same way. The heat will cause the ink to dry around the pen tip, these instructions should make the ball move and the ink will flow again.

We prefer to use more absolute light. Just stick the flame up all the way for a few seconds. Be careful not to touch offers after that!

You will get similar results to a hair dryer if you put it in a pot of boiling water.


Solvents will definitely dissolve the ink and make things work. Nail polish removal (nail polish with acetone) and alcohol work. Just apply some cotton and place the tip around the tip for a few minutes. erase and

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I’m writing! doodle degree to get your favorite font, reload i.e. the friction works on the stuck ball and its evaluate the movement again. However, sometimes just rubbing a pen on paper is not enough.

Try writing something big on the sole of the shoe. The combination of increased friction and a secure tip grip, additional information and rubber heats up the ink quickly and ensures that your fine pen is ready for use again.

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Like all types of ballpoint pens, ballpoint pens require some maintenance in addition to maintenance to ensure they last. It’s important to store them properly so that the tattoo flows freely while you paint. Even ballpoint pens, or perhaps cheaper ballpoint pens, require patience to work with. We have put together a general guide to taking care of your website.Here’s how to take care of your entire pen, and included some tips on how to restore your amazingly functional pen if it suddenly dries out.

How To Save Feathers

Air exposure is one of the most common problems that pens face when drying. When air enters the cartridge itself, the toner dries out and usually completely clogs it. To prevent air from entering the ink cartridge, make sure that when storing the best pen you retract the point towards the end of the cap. You can usually store them in a case. This important circumstance prevents loss or damage to the handle. Especially luxurious metal ballpoint pens with a case are valued. Store in a case, not to scratch.

Compared to the position of the dog, pens with a vertical ink base should stand upright. This will prevent them from escaping. Ordinary ballpoint pens, which primarily use ink, must be stored much thinner in an upright position, because when writing, the ink is deposited on a person’s buttocks. It mustmake the ink flow as this task will run more smoothly.

Can Pens Dry / Why Do Pens Stop Working?

Ballpoint pens and ballpoint pens prevent air leakage from the ink cartridge. The ball of this particular pen serves as a seal to prevent air from entering. However, air can still get into the handle, especially if the handle is left unlocked. However, in most cases, people believe that pens are being used because they no longer write. The best explanation would be that the cartridge has thick ink that can flow freely as needed. In addition, ballpoint pens can stop working because the ink that remains in the sleeve, when not in use, is exposed and does not allow it to flow. However, both of these problems can be solved by simply allowing you to use the pen again. .to

How To Repair Ballpoint Pens

Many people ask us how to give them pens when they are doing crafts and how to get them to write. Ink flow may be inconsistent compared to ballpoint penpens, so with pens where people might expect to dry out or run out of ink, this is necessarily not the case. Ballpoint pens rely on gravity to release human ink, they don’t write upside down, so you may need to hold them to make the printer move. Also, if your new pen doesn’t work, try a pen. Air bubbles are likely to get into the cartridge, but shaking presses the ink against the ready-to-write nib.

If your non-family pen is larger, you don’t need to invert the ink. There are a few smart things you can try to restart your dry pen. First, sketch a piece of paper on the newspaper. This can move the ink forward, sometimes one particular drawing is all the pen needs. Also try asking for more letter printing and ask if that will help you get back to using your own pen. Also, if recommended, have someone press the pen firmly against the paper and forcefully draw a vertical jump line. It may also help to forceKeep ink moving. Remember that ballpoint pens require thicker ink, so it can certainly take some persistence trying to get the ink to flow. However, such problems often occur with cheaper pens.